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About Us

Elements Glass is a small family business run by glass artists – for glass artists. We are based in the South West of England near Bristol. Elements Glass has been created out of a need in the UK and Europe for top quality flame working products. Everything we sell we use in our studio and have selected the very best products from around the world. When we can't source a product at the right price, or if the quality of what is available is not up to our standards, we make these products ourselves. We have an excellent range of reamers that are unique to Elements Glass here.

Borosilicate glass is the pinnacle for flame working – optically clear, poly-chromatic colours to die for - colours and effects not achievable with other COE glass. We hope that we can introduce our fellow flame workers to the wonders of this amazing glass. What we hope makes us different from any other sellers is our personal experience of our products and sharing of information about everything we offer. We can help you with torch set-ups, oxygen supply, how to work the glass to get optimum effects so aim high with your flame working – talk to us at Elements Glass – we'd love to hear from you. If you would like to leave a comment please visit our Facebook page or email us at sales@elementsglass.co.uk